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What is garage door torsion spring? What type of spring do I have?

Residential garage door is the heaviest moving part of your house. Most of the time it does not seem or feel that way. When your door is working properly it is easy to just lift it up or pull it down or use automatic door opener to get in and out. In this intelligently designed garage door system, torsion springs are the most important part of the whole setup mounted above your garage door. Replacing garage door spring is one of the common repair calls we receive.

A spring is a device manufactured from specially engineered steel that keeps it shape when force is applied. Even when deformed, spring returns to its original shape and stage when no force is applied. There are large amounts of mechanical energy stored in large springs. Depending on the type of spring, replacing garage door spring could be DIY job for hands on homeowner. If you don’t feel confident about your project, or just simply want to be done and go on with your business, a call to garage door repair service is a sensible choice.

Torsion spring is designed to return and retain its original form much better when it is winded and twisted and not when it is pulled apart. Its nature is to twist back and return to its original form.

The force contained inside torsion springs turn a shaft with cable pulleys and drums, where door cable connected to the bottom of garage door is winded on. Without torsion springs, you would have to lift the whole weight of double garage door in order to open it. If using automatic opener, it would burn up the motor or make the inside gears wear out in days.

Because of the tremendous power and energy stored in springs, these types of springs should be installed and replaced by professional with proper tools and safety precautions. Uncontrolled or spun out spring can cause serious injury.

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