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Many automatic motorized components increases comfort and convenience in our daily life. Automatic self opening gates, sliding store front doors and automatic garage doors were developed to increase comfort and save time. Like with any motorized automatic entry system you should be familiar how to operate it safely.
Many homeowners are not aware of possible injuries associated with automatic garage doors. Most of the accidents happen while people are stand in wrong places or handling garage door in incorrect way.

Most common injuries, associated with garage doors are pinching injuries. Avoid placing your hands on moving garage door. Door sections fold and move in unpredictable ways and your fingers may get caught in between garage door sections. Similar pinches can happen when hold on to the torsion or extension springs when door is in motion.

Free falling garage door section or entire door falling can damage your vehicle and cause serious injury to a person standing near. Due to vibrations when operating garage door, bolts and loose hinges might give way sending your garage door crashing down. Annual inspection and garage door tune up is a great way to prevent accidents.

DIY garage door repairs can cost you more money than you were planning to save. Handy homeowners take on themselves to fix their own garage door or attempt to replace torsion spring what is broken. Without proper garage door manual you can get injured while repairing your door. Often times, improper parts installation cause garage door become unaligned, unbalanced or inoperable. Consult your garage door manual for repair directions. If you are unsure about completing the job yourself, call garage door repair San Diego service.

Your garage door tracks are manufactured from high strength steel and have unfinished sharp edges. Most of the cut injuries are caused by holding or working around garage door tack. Show and explain to your young children not to touch this steel track to prevent skin cuts or infections.

Modern garage door systems have many moving parts. If you are not careful – your hands, hair or clothing can get trapped and pulled by rollers and track. Stand clear when garage door is closing. Also do not store loose items near door track and sensors.

Most stupid injuries caused by a garage door are when person tries to race the door as it closes. Most automatic garage doors have motion sensors installed for safety to prevent accidents.
Indiana Jones always were able to escape from tomb when doors where shutting on him, but your garage is not a tomb full of evil spirits. So don’t try this at home.
Racing closing door is never a good idea.

Automatic gates and automatic garage doors are never to be operated by children. Playing with or around these motorized systems might result in accidents or injuries. Do not leave your garage door remote within reach of children. Educate your young ones about garage door safety and garage door opener remote is not a toy.

It is perfect time to contact your local garage door services San Diego for safety checkup.